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Certificate Programs


Applying to SAA is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply apply through an online form, and send your portfolio. Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year and students can start at the beginning of any term. (See Calendar Below)


There are no deadlines to apply; although, students are encouraged to apply at least six months in advance.

Even though the spots are limited, we manage to eventually find places for most applicants. Those who are not immediately invited to join the program may be put on the waitlist. Some applicants have said they hesitate to apply as "my work is not as good as the work by your students on your website". Our mission is to help achieve those same skills by providing the teaching and curriculum, no matter where you stand.

Application Process

Academic Calendar 2023-2024

The minimum enrolment period is always one term or quarter [3 months]. Students can start the course at the beginning of any term mentioned.

Academic Calender

Transfer from other schools

Only students who come from schools that use the same methodologies as the Samsara Academy of Art can have previous years of study recognized as a part of the curriculum, and continue at the SAA from there. This decision is solely and exclusively the responsibility of the admissions department, based on the internal policy of the academy.

Tuition (Fees)

Students are billed on a term - term basis. Payments are due one month prior to the first day of class each term. Please note that tuition and fees are subject to annual increases.

Fees Per Term (3 months) : 80,500 INR+ 18% GST

One Year Fee (4 Terms)    : 3,22,000 INR + 18% GST

Fees include registration and models. Art supplies are not included in the Tuition Fee.

For new students, a non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance. This amount will be deducted from the balance of fees due. Payment instructions are included in the acceptance packet.

Cancellation Policy

Should a student decide to cancel their tuition for any reason, refunds will be made according to the following timeline:

  • More than 8 weeks prior to the start of the course: Students are eligible for a full refund (minus 30% of the total term fee).

  • 4 weeks prior to the start of the course:  Students will not receive a refund, but may use the course fee (minus 30% of the total term fee) toward a future course at the Academy. Credit only extends to courses given within one calendar year from the start date of the original canceled course.

  • Less than 20 days prior to the start of the course: Students will not be eligible for a refund, nor for any credit toward future courses.

Any period of absence during the term, whatever the motive or duration, will not be refunded.

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