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Certificate Programs
Drawing and Painting

About the Course

The Drawing & Painting Program is full time and requires three years to complete.

Samsara's curriculum is designed to take a student of any skill level and advance their ability. The system has a clear and efficient teaching style based on individual critiques and growth combined with group seminars. Crucial importance is given to drawing and educating the artist's eye which is the basis of all art disciplines including Painting, Sculpture, and Digital Art.

Course Characteristics


Our Core Study is comprised of carefully designed exercises divided into Studio Projects and Model Room Projects. It begins with the teaching of drawing principles, particularly from life. Each individual project increases in complexity and relies on skills gained from previous projects. Once all the drawing projects are completed students begin painting.


The Core Study is supported by group lectures, exercises, and practical demos that cover various topics necessary to be a professional artist in the contemporary art world. These seminars include topics such as Art History, Materials & Resources, Expressive Drawing, Composition & Abstraction, Business of Art, etc. The seminar that students have depends on what year the student is in.

Schedule & Fees


The academic year is divided into four 10 - 11 week terms. Students receive one critique during each class from course instructors. Classes meet Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Students work half-day on studio projects (Bargue drawings, the cast, still life, or portraiture); they spend the other half-day in the model room working from the figure.

Students attend additional seminar classes in the evening at least twice a week. All students are encouraged to participate in the evening lectures and demonstrations on materials & techniques held during the academic year. This requires the student to stand 6 to 8 hours daily.

Tuition (Fees)

Students are billed on a term-to-term basis. Payments are due one month prior to the first day of class each term. Students are required to keep their financial accounts current. Art supplies are not included in the Annual Tuition Fee.

Fees Per Term  (3 months) : 80,500 INR+ 18% GST

One Year Fee ( 4 Terms)    : 3,22,000 INR + 18% GST

The Fees is subject to change each academic year.

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