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Mission & Story


The mission of Samsara Academy of Art is to provide the highest level of education in technical and philosophical practices in drawing and painting for students who wish to pursue a professional career in the fields of fine art and entertainment art. 

Our Story

Our Story

Samsara Academy was founded in 2019 by Ayuesh Agarwal with the intention of creating a unique platform in India that provides rigorous in-depth art training and knowledge that is inspired by centuries of studio practice. The vision of the academy emerged when traveling the world in search of knowledge on master techniques to create traditional and digital artwork that was missing during his early art education in India. 

With this in my mind, he took upon the endeavor to establish an academy that would offer a complete education based on practical training and approaches from various countries and different academies of the 19th & 21st centuries.

He also wanted a place of selfless education where only the progress of the student matters, and it was essential to have professional teachers who share similar beliefs. SAA doesn't promote a specific art style but rather teaches a solid artistic foundation & technique including art history, anatomy, and composition, and allows its students to develop their own unique voice whether it be in the realm of fine art or the digital art world.

There were many challenges along the road but the drive to create a community for learning has only grown thanks to the belief and dedication of students who continue to choose Samsara Academy for their artistic journey.

Who's it for?

Studying at the Academy centers upon the importance of drawing (particularly from nature and model), as a means to gaining skill in drawing and painting. Through intense observation students are able to develop a visual literacy and skill they need to express their artistic ideas, creativity and reach their greatest potential that will not only serve the artists as a professional in the fine arts, but also those people who want to dedicate themselves to the field of digital illustration, design or positions related to the film industry and video games, among other professions.

Who's it for?
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