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Approved by Art Renewal Center (USA)

Our Story

Samsara Academy of Art was founded in 2019, offering art courses with the aim of providing skill-based art education and helping students become an artist with a unique voice in the realm of Fine Arts and Entertainment Art ( Movies / Games).

It is the answer to the need of students seeking traditional art education in India inspired by Renaissance & 19th Century European Academies combined with 21st-century practices.


"Academic Art is not an end per se, but a learning stage for the artists, where they strengthen their knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to experiment and innovate. Use the grammar to find your own voice."

Why Samsara Academy of Art?

We are an Academy of professional artists that encourages individuality and innovation through skills-based training.

With a faculty of internationally-recognized artists, we offer a comprehensive, multi-year fine art course with disciplined study, integrating rigorous studio instruction in drawing and painting with anatomy, and the twenty-first century approaches to practicing art. 

International Focus

Personal Growth

Skill & Creativity

Fine Art Drawing, Portrait, Academic Art


Join us in person at our location in Hyderabad to accelerate your learning


"Samsara is a place where one can expect a very hands on approach in terms of fine art training.They go above and beyond all means to help aspirants develop a strong foundation in the traditions of the old masters and contemporary art as well."

- Anshuman Chaudhary

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